Welcome to WOORI FIS webpage!

We have improved Woori Financial Group’s IT financial IT expertise since WOORI FIS was established in 2001. Furthermore we have
kept up
the best financial IT professional company developing domestic financial group’s integrated IT management model.
We have become on object of benchmark for other companies, especially regarding advanced IT services management systems
such as IT outsourcing
systems, IT infrastructure integrated management systems.
In the Digital Transformation of financial business changing faster than ever before, WOORI FIS executive staffs and employees
put a lot of effort
in strengthening our global IT competitiveness and expanding our digital platform.
Also we undertake digital research and development initiatives such as the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology based
on our accumulated
financial IT capacities so far.
Through endless challenge and innovation we will be re-born as an IT professional company leading the future of digital finance.
We highly appreciate your interest and support.
Thank you.    

                 WOORI  FIS  CEO

      고   정   현